1) What are the documents needed for a Saudi Work Visa Endorsement?

E-Wakala (Visa Authorization), Passport, Photos, Fit Medical Report from GAMCA medical center, Attested Educational Certificate & Final Exit Paper.

2) What is E-Wakala?

E- Wakala is the electronic authorization of a visa on enjazit.com (Saudi Foreign Ministry visa site). The Saudi sponsor has to authorize the name of an Indian approved agent (who is a Card holder of Saudi Consulate / Embassy in India) thorough enjazit.com. Then only that agent will be able to process that visa.

3) What is a GAMCA Medical Center?

GAMCA stands for GCC Approved Medical Centres Association.
GCC stands for Gulf Co-operation Council, which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. There are GAMCA Medical Centres in the following cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Goa, Trichy, Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut, Tirur & Manjeri.

4) Is Attested Educational Certificate is a must for all categories of Saudi Work Visas?

No. Only for Professional, Skilled category visas like Engineer, Accountant, Computer Programmer, System Analyst, Financial Analyst, Marketing Specialist, Consultant, etc.. need duly attested Degree.

Visa professions like Computer Technician, Electronics Technician, Mechanical Technician etc.. need duly attested Diploma.

Visa professions like Electrical Technician, Welding Technician etc need official letter from Sponsor. Any operator (like machine operator) also need official letter from sponsor.

For endorsement of Lower Visa categories like Electrician, Welder, Plumber, Mason, Carpenter, Labor etc.. need no certificates. For Driver visa endorsement need valid Driving Licence.

5) What is a Final Exit Paper?

It is the Final Exit Proof, which Saudi Authorities provide to candidates who leaves on final exit from Saudi, after completing their employment in the Kingdom. This final exit proof is a must, to endorse a new work visa for those persons who have travelled to Saudi before on work / employment visas.

6) The ‘Exit stamp’ on the passport is not enough proof of Final exit from previous employment?

No. An exit stamp in the passport indicates that you have exited from Saudi – travelled out from Saudi. It does not mean that you have taken final exit from your Saudi Employment. If a person travelling out of Saudi Arabia on vacation to India will also have exit stamp on his passport.

7) I came on Final Exit from Saudi Arabia. But I don’t have a Final Exit Paper. Nobody – either my employer or the airport emigration authorities have given me a final exit paper. What document I have to submit as Final Exit proof, for my new Saudi Work visa process?

Generally when candidate is on final exit, the Saudi sponsor has to submit his exit paper at the airport at the time of exit of the candidate. If he submits 2 copies, they will stamp both copies – give back one to sponsor and one to the candidate. So the candidate in advance has to remind the sponsor that he needs the final exit paper and at the Airport he has to make sure that he gets the Final Exit Paper.

Otherwise, the following options are there to prove the Final Exit.

A) Check the status at the following site of Saudi Ministry of Interior.

In most of the cases, if you put the Passport No. or Aqama No. or Border No. (The no. Saudi immigration authorities put on a Saudi endorsed visa, while entering to Saudi) at the above site, it will show the status… whether a candidate is on Final Exit or not – Saudi Consulate / Embassy will accept this as Final Exit Proof.

B) Get the Status Print out from Saudi Jawazat (Passport) office. Generally for this, the previous Saudi Sponsor has to apply at the Jawazat office.

8) I came on Exit - Re entry visa and did not return to Saudi one year back. Now can I go on a new employment visa, to join a new company?

A person who has come out from Saudi on Exit- Re entry (not on final exit) has to wait to complete 2 years (i.e. from the date of exit from Saudi); to go on a new employment visa.

1) I have been declared unfit by one GAMCA Medical Center. Can I approach another GAMCA Medical Center in another city for a re-check / retrial immediately?

No. In each city there is a GAMCA central office, where the candidates have to contact first. These centres will send the candidate to the specific medical centre with a Valid GAMCA Slip – the slip is a must for doing medical. Once a slip is issued the slip is valid up to 3 months.

So once medical is done at a specified center, the candidate has to wait 3 months for approaching again the GAMCA center (anywhere in India, as all the GAMCA centres are controlled through a centralized software system) for the GAMCA Slip, for doing the medical again.

2) What is MOFA No.?

MOFA (Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs) No. is basically the Application No. / Registration No. generated at the Saudi Visa Site, after entering the passport, personal details and uploading latest photo of the candidate. The Visa endorsing agent will generate this no. after remitting the specified fee and uploading the required details.

MOFA No. is a must for all Saudi Visa related process including Medical.

3) Can I do medical outside India?

No. If the Saudi visa has to be endorsed in India, the candidate has to do the medical at a GAMCA Center in India only.

4) What is the validity of a Gamca Medical Report?

3 Months.

5) What points I have to take care about the photos for Saudi Visa process.

i) Photos should be recent one.
ii) Should be of white background, Passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
iii) Photo sending for taking Mofa No., Photo giving at the Medical Center & Photo sending for visa process all should be the same type.

1) I have got Saudi Embassy attestation before. Is it necessary to do the Saudi Cultural attestation now to endorse a new work visa?

Yes. As per the current Saudi Visa process rules, even if a candidate has got a degree which is previously attested by Saudi Embassy; now for a new employment visa he has to get his degree attested by Saudi Cultural also.
Currently, both attestations – Saudi Cultural & Saudi Embassy – are a must on an education degree / diploma, to be eligible to endorse a Saudi work visa.

2) I have got Saudi Engineering Council Registration of my Engineering Degree during my previous Saudi Employment. Is it now necessary to get Saudi Cultural attestation on my degree to endorse a new work visa?

Yes. Even if a candidate has got Saudi Engineering Council Registration, for endorsing a new Saudi Work Visa- his relevant degree / diploma matching the visa profession has to be attested by both Saudi Embassy & Saudi Cultural.

3) What documents are needed, for getting Saudi Cultural & Saudi Embassy attestations on an Educational Certificate?

HRD attested Degree, All mark list copies, Original Employment Contract duly attested by MOFA, COC, Affidavit in the Specified format, Passport copy, ID proof & DD for University Verification.

4) What is HRD attestation? How it is to be done?

HRD attestation is a basic attestation on an Educational Certificate. In India, different states have different rules for this HRD attestation. The HRD attestation has to be done on a degree / diploma, from State HRD dept. where the University is situated. Generally the Candidate himself or his close blood relatives has to submit the certificate at the HRD dept. for doing this attestation. Agents are not allowed to do HRD attestation.

It is a basic Authentication of a Degree / Diploma issued in a State. Generally they will attest only certificates issued by Govt. Universities / Board in that state.

5) I am a resident of U. P., but my degree is issued by a University situated in Karnataka. Can I do HRD attestation at U. P. State?

No. If the Degree is from Karnataka, it has to be HRD attested at Karnataka itself.

6) My Degree is from Maharashtra State. Previously I have got HRD attestation from Human Resources Dept, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Is this Central Govt. HRD is okay for applying for Saudi Cultural Attestation?

No. As per the latest instruction from Saudi Cultural, the degree/diploma has to be attested/authenticated from the HRD dept. of the State, where the University / Board is situated; even if it is attested by HRD dept, Govt of India, New Delhi.

7)I am currently in Saudi Arabia. How can I make Affidavit in Samp Paper, for the Attestation of my Degree by Saudi Cultural Attaché?

You can either tell your family members to make the affidavit in Stamp Paper and courier to you for your Signature Or Make the affidavit in plain paper in the same format and get it attested from Indian Embassy at Saudi Arabia and submit along with your Aqama copy.

8) My degree is from a Govt. University but I have studied in a private college, which is not affiliated to the University. Can I get Saudi Cultural Attestation?

No. Only those Govt. University degrees got by studying in regular college, which is in the affiliated colleges official list of the University will be attested by Saudi Cultural.

9) My degree is from an open university got through distant education. Is Saudi Cultural attestation possible on this?

Saudi Cultural will only attest those Govt. degrees / diplomas which are got through regular classroom courses. They won’t attest any Private, Distant open University Degrees / Diplomas.

10) My degree is from an University situated outside India (USA University Degree). Can I get it attested from Saudi Cultural in India?

No. Saudi Cultural and Saudi Embassy in India will attest only degrees / diplomas issued in India. Degrees issued at USA has to be attested from Saudi Embassy / Cultural in USA.

11) Can I Submit my HRD attested degree directly at Saudi Cultural Attaché, New Delhi for getting attestation?

No. Saudi Cultural won’t accept degrees directly from candidates for attestation. They have appointed / enlisted authorized agents, through whom the Certificates has to be submitted for necessary attestation.

12) My degree is from Sikkim Manipal University. Is it possible to get attested by Saudi Cultural?

Currently Saudi Cultural is not attesting this University Degree, as it is a private university.

10) My degree is from an University situated outside India (USA University Degree). Can I get it attested from Saudi Cultural in India.

No. Saudi Cultural and Saudi Embassy in India will attest only degrees / diplomas issued in India. Degrees issued at USA has to be attested from Saudi Embassy / Cultural in USA.

13) I have B. Com degree from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). How can I get it attested for Saudi Visa endorsement?

As of now no way. Saudi Cultural is not at all attesting IGNOU degrees, as they are distant education / open university Degrees.

1) What is the difference between Invitation Visit Visa & MOFA Visit Visas?

Invitation Visit Visas (Business / Work) are Invitation Letters issued by Saudi Companies through MOFA (Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Site. They are mere invitation letters from Saudi Companies, not approved visas. So it is entirely at the discretion of the Saudi Consulate / Embassy in India, to endorse such visas. Sometimes they will endorse such visas; sometimes they will reject them with or without giving any specific reason. The validity and duration of stay on such visas are entirely depends on the decision of the Consulate / Embassy; rather than what is mentioned in the Invitation Letters.
Invitation Letters easy to get for Saudi Sponsors, but little difficult to get endorsed here.

MOFA Visit Visas (Business / Work) are actual visas issued by MOFA (Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The Saudi Consulate / Embassy will easily endorse such visas, without much objection. Even if they reject, they have to give clear reason for rejection. Normally the Embassy / Consulate won’t change the validity / duration mentioned in MOFA visa slips, while endorsing the same.

MOFA visas are a little bit difficult to get at Saudi, but are easy to endorsed here.

2) What is the difference between Business Visit Visas & Work Visit Visas?

Both are practically the same – Visit visas. The difference depends on the visa profession mentioned.

If the profession is Business type (not professional or occupational type) like Business Consultant, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager etc then the visa type should be Business Visit.

If profession Work Type (professional / occupational type) like Computer Programmer, Electronic Engineer, System Analyst, Mechanical Technician etc.. then the visa type should be Work Visit.