Simple tips on deciding your Career!

It is generally said that those who get the job of their liking, are the luckiest ones. To make a career / job and thus a living is very important in life. Everybody has to be very objective in deciding a career. Right choice made in Career selection effects one’s entire life.

But this right selection / correct job/ desired place of work, eludes many individual’s decision or judgement. Many are compelled to go for and satisfy themselves with the career destiny / fate throws on their way.

Job / Career selection / choice made, turns the life of a person by a great measure. Many times the aim is to earn a salary / living – find a way of regular income for the day to day existence of one’s self. Although the monetary benefit matters, if one gets into a field which one likes, loves, enthusiastic of doing; that person will be happy all his life. On the other hand if a person picks up whatever job come on his way, just for the sake of income, he may has to regret a lot later.

Simple tips on deciding your Career!

So, before jumping into a career or joining a job or simply deciding to apply for a job one has to ask oneself the following questions, think about it and analyze the outcome; and naturally without any external interference and pressure has to reach a decision.

  1. What is my favourite field of work – the field where I would feel quite at home?
  2. What job I have to take for making a living?
  3. Which career I have to choose in life, where I will get full opportunity to make the full utilization of my inherent unique skill and talent?
  4. Analyzing my Educational and Technical Qualifications, in what position I will fit most?

When one deeply and sincerely analyzes the above, the result, the ideal job will flash in his mind.

That is the job – ideal job-one has to apply for. Not anything that comes in his way. Of course many times the financial compulsions – the urge to earn a living/ the hurry to sustain oneself and family – will force many to take whatever they get first. But showing the patience to wait till the ideal job comes on one’s way will surely yield them the correct reward.

Once the seed of ideal job, is planted in mind the job is half done.

One has to search, apply seek only those job which matches one’s ideal job. Go through the career details, job descriptions (JDs) carefully before applying for any job. If a job vacancy you have come across has nothing to do with the ideal job you have planted in your mind, never apply for such a job.

Of course always one has to compare the qualifications a job notification demands with one’s own. The financial compensations, benefits will surely a deciding factor; but these parts should not never overcome, overlook the main tag line “the position has to somewhat match with one’s ideal job”

Many HR consultants have the view that they get lot of job applications with the title “Application for any job” / “Application for any suitable job”. They simply comment that actually they never come across with job vacancies like any job or any suitable job. Their job postings are clearly titled like… Accountants, Electrical Engineers, Welding Technicians, System Analysts, Electronic Technicians, Quality Controllers… etc. etc.

But still majority of candidates send job applications, with the job title for any job. One should firmly decide before sending a job application, to what post one is applying for. The applicant himself is the greatest judge / decider about one’s on capacity, ability and aim. If somebody applies for a job or simply sends a CV with the title “Application for any job”, then it is apparent that the person lacks self decision. He is ready to fall or accept any job comes in his way. He is not all have the skill to understand his ability or to judge himself.

So, always analyze oneself one’s abilities, skills and plus points

Make an Aim relevant to one’s background and dreams

come to the decision what one wants and what one is entitled for – destined to be

and apply for that ideal job.

Career Guidance : How to get it?
Is Counseling Programs helpful?

Career Guidance & Counseling Program

It is a broad, planned activity intended to assist job seekers / students to get acquainted with educational and professional options available to them. A career guidance/counseling program wakes up a person’s inner capabilities, general aptitude, educational and other skills development in the buildup of one’s future career and profession.

Vocational - Technical Education – Its part in Career Guidance

To succeed in a society, rather to get, buildup the most successful career a person has to discover, explore the options, alternatives available to him. Career Guidance rather a counseling program will help the job seekers to identify such skills and talent required for the modern workplace.

The job seeker has to be acquainted with the job/labor market, the constant changes occurring there. He has to be abreast with new skills, abilities, decision making talents present in today’s competitive environment. The main point an individual here has to concentrate is Self esteem and motivation, Effective interpersonal skills and above all a sold employee- employer relation.

Career Guidance is aimed at?

Almost everyone… who are seeking a career / job in life.

How Career Guidance achieved?

All Educational institutions offer Career Guidance. NGOs, Skill development Centers, Job Consultants and Placement services are other sources.

Main Contents of Successful Career Guidance/Counseling Program

  1. Guidance to develop Self Assessment, Decision Making, Goal Setting & Career Planning.
  2. Management and related aptitudes.
  3. Leadership qualities needed to support comprehensive career guidance programs
  4. Team approach
  5. Adequate Facilities, Materials, Resources etc..
  6. Outreach, Assessment, Counseling etc. to help to access strong professional development activities.
  7. Rrecruitment, preservation and placement programs to Strengthen technical preparations.

Career Guidance Counselors’ Role

Counselors have opportunities to participate in an education and training system that integrates academic and vocational education, to encourage individuals' greater participation in further education by articulating education, to renew their commitment for servicing our society, to promote program outcomes and performance measures and to respond to business and economic development.

10 More tips on Career Planning

  1. Be a successful student / Job Seeker.
  2. Make Correct Decisions.
  3. What major will fit me best? How will I find a good career? Pursue and aim at decision.
  4. Pursue concrete career goals each year when one is in school, reasonably an easy way to move through it.
  5. Know oneself (Self-Exploration); Get to know yourself first.
  6. Learn what you enjoy doing and at and at what you're good
  7. What's important to you in a future career; and what makes you the person you are.
  8. Visit one-on-one with a career counselor at Career Services Center.
  9. Spend some time exploring the resource library in Career Services.
  10. Ask other people in your life (e.g., family and friends) to help you identify your pertinent career- related traits.